Using Minecraft to explore Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet

The first time I stepped through the double doors onto the stage of the Globe Theatre, strode confidently to the spot I felt was the most powerful and then proudly delivered my line to the waiting theatre, surrounded by my students, was a magical and exhilarating experience. The theatre envelopes you on stage like a warm hug with its wooden structure giving it a feeling of being carved from a solid piece rather than constructed from many. Trying to explain that feeling to a classroom full of students is impossible, so we have been lucky enough to visit Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre several times with our students so that they can make that very same entrance onto the stage as part of the tour.

Screenshot (160)Shakespeare wrote plays not books. The second a student loses the link between the words on the page and the action on the stage, they risk losing the impact all together. With classic stage directions such as “They fight”, it is crucial that students can visualise the implications of this on stage.
But what if you can’t visit the Globe Theatre in person? That’s where the immersive nature of Minecraft as a learning medium holds so much power and potential.

• Have your students explore the building and structure of the theatre researching the building itself and it’s place in history
• Research the different people you might find there starting with the “Penny Stinkards”
• Act out key scenes exploring the relationship between stage position and power
• View a scene from different positions within the theatre itself to explore the changing nature of perspective

But why stop there? This is Minecraft, right? Anything is possible. Take your students on a field trip to Verona itself.

Screenshot (162)

• Explore the settings for key scenes
• Act out key scenes exploring the relationship between setting and power (the balcony, the confined streets, the dark orchard)
• Research characters and add NPC’s to represent each one with links to your findings
• Adapt and rebuild areas according to your own vision of Verona

Screenshot (163)

These learning plans for teaching Romeo and Juliet bridge the gap between page and stage using the 21st Century power of Minecraft to bring one of the greatest writers in history to the digital generation in a language they understand.

Links to the map download and lesson resources coming soon!  As always feel free to reach out and connect with me if you need support, want to collaborate or have any queries regarding this or anything else you find on this site.


  1. Hi, will you still link the download for the map? I am doing a project using Minecraft for Romeo and Juliet and I think this is a wonderful idea to show the students and help them understand Shakespeare.


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